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Going through some model tests, I was missing my score all the time in a simple question. Lets have a look on it first –

The group that authorizes changes that must be installed faster than the normal process is called the ?

A. Urgent Change Board (UCB)
B. CAB Emergency Committee (CAB/EC)
C. Urgent Change Authority (UCA) […]


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During one ITIL awareness workshop my colleague placed a question, a sort of requirement basically. Can employee’s routine task be included into CMDB or not ? Sending email to management, submitting daily report to the manager etc are some of the routine tasks. My answer was straight – No, which he did not want to agree as he knew services can be enlisted as a CI. So, why not an employee’s each routine task be declared as a CI ? […]

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What would be the granulity level to define a CI ? As a fresh ITIL practitioner I had a brainstorm after the issue raised by one of our manager.

CMDB definitely a storage with huge information of IT infrastructure – software, hardware, document. The analysis would take time to measure the depth to declare a CI. In such case, where one looking for an urgent implementation of CMDB what would be the minimal to maximum level of CIs ? […]

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