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During one ITIL awareness workshop my colleague placed a question, a sort of requirement basically. Can employee’s routine task be included into CMDB or not ? Sending email to management, submitting daily report to the manager etc are some of the routine tasks. My answer was straight – No, which he did not want to agree as he knew services can be enlisted as a CI. So, why not an employee’s each routine task be declared as a CI ? […]


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Once you are thinking to adopt ITIL framework among your org, the due diligence phase is there to perform the review of existing activities and the next phase is a gap analysis. Both this phases require to have discussions with different departments to collect data. Here the key challenge is ITIL unfamiliarity. This cause is enough to make you run from desk to desk because concrete information is not coming up as a bundle. So, it is better to keep in mind, before you perform the abovementioned phases, make your relevant coworkers all together aware of the theme which is under your plan. Do some interaction sessions – workshops, with different departments. Let them also know where they exist and how to respond you against your queries. […]

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